Friday, January 30, 2015


don't get bangs unless you have time to do something with them.  
i have no such time.  


i cut my bangs because i wanted to cover up my blossoming acne on my forehead (fringe benefits), but of course, as soon as i cut them, my acne disappeared -.-

i wake up like the above photo every morning.  FUN.  luckily, i think due to pregnancy, my hair is growing at a really speedy rate so i can part them, pin them, or pull them behind a headband of some sort.


sooooo to kick off my pregnancy closet cleanout, i decided to take tina's advice and do a GIVEAWAY (i guess if nobody is interested in the giveaway, ill know to just send my stuff to goodwill HAHAHAHA),  just so you all can get a taste of what's to come.  so here is the piece!

Steven Alan 3/4 button down. size small.  slightly boyfriend fit.  only worn once or twice. 
perfect for spring :)

i have a TON more things that i'd like to giveaway/sell.  SO. if you'd like to take this baby home, FOLLOW me on Instagram @krew_crew, LIKE this photo, and REPOST this on your own account with hashtag #krewcrewclosetcleanout.  winner will be announced on my Instagram account next FRIDAY.

post post post!!!

have a lovely weekend, thanks for coming over!

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  1. Can you share the full version of that photo? Lolol! Yay giveaway!!