Monday, January 5, 2015

2014, what a year.


I really have no clue as to who is going to read this, if anyone, but I'm here.  I wanted to chronicle this time in my life because big changes are a comin'.

2014 was spent, fully and completely.  I learned a lot, but I'm ready to start anew.  Like now.   

While I was in grad school, there was this ridiculous guy who would say things like, "Don't say things in a passive manner like, 'I think I want to be superintendent,' you need to say, 'I will be superintendent.'"  eyeroll.  And when you go to Cafe Gratitude and order a "Nourished," the server responds by saying, "You are nourished."  double eyeroll. 

But I think I [kind of] get it now.  

Its ok to want; its ok to say that aloud.  Its also ok to not have everything you ever dreamed of and its especially ok to not be happy about that.  Its also ok to get what you've always wanted as well.  

I'm starting 2015 grateful, but also reflective because I know that I was a pretty miserable person for the larger part of 2014.  oops.   

'bout those big changes...

I've been a blog fanatic for some time now and I've transitioned from fashion blogs to family/lifestyle blogs in the past couple of years and have always loved the "one photo a week for 52 weeks" threads.  I think its amazing to see the transformation of a person or a family in the course of a year.  

so here's my first photo of the year. 1/52

babykrew 18 weeks



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