Wednesday, January 14, 2015

byebye winter break

2/52 belly getting quite large
19 weeks & change.  nausea subsided.  YAS!!!

school resumed this week.  sigh.  it was good while it lasted though.  last winter, jake and i went to e. asia to visit family and sight see, but this winter we opted to stay home and just relax.  going back to school wasn't as brutal as i thought it'd be, though i'm sure jake has some words to say about my 5am alarm and 2 (sometimes 3) snoozes every morning. heeeee

today, i came home to this:

initial fear: RATS. AGAIN. but no, it was darra.  i was so annoyed because i just bought this loaf 2 days ago.  i can't get myself to just throw out the half eaten ones and keep the rest, so i just threw the whole thing away.  i was actually salivating over the idea of a pbj as an afternoon snack, so i was more annoyed than i normally would be about something like this.  just as i was thinking, "we buy her gourmet cat food..." blah blah blah, i look at her food bowl and its empty.  wahhhhhhhhh we forgot to feed her this morning.  oops.  this actually happens more often that i'd like to admit, but she must have been STARVING today.  i felt terrible.  TERRIBLE.  but then i wiped a dingleberry off her butt and we called it even.

i didn't know where this post was going, but i certainly didn't expect it to go there.  but it did.

come back tomorrow? :)

darra z.  professional snoozer

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  1. aw poor darra! haha maybe you should set an alarm to fill her bowl! or get an automatic cat food feeder.