Wednesday, August 12, 2015

second the best

is it week 35/52? i dont even know.
zoe at 2 months flashing a smile. 
love her.

jake and i have kept zoe alive for the second month now...we are very proud of ourselves.  month 2 has been friggin amazing.

after my last post, a month ago, i told myself that i would write at least once a week to chronicle all of the amazing things zoe does week to week.  well, obvi, that didn't happen.  oh well. YAY two months!!!

ten things:

1.  zoe started smiling on purpose and jake and i die a little inside every time she does it.  i can't imagine how much we're going to flip out when she starts laughing out loud.  
2.  she coos.  like the best, cutest, little coos anyone has every heard in their entire life.  
3.  i have completed friday night lights for the 5th time and am watching parenthood again.  its still good, really good.  nursing=netflix binge watching sessions
4.   zoe has the gnarliest explosive poop diapers when jake goes to work. 
5.  zoe's poo got in my hair and i didn't shower for 36 hours after that.  my bun felt extra tacky in the shower. 
6.  we're sleeping!! i mean, not a lot, but sleep is sleep. and i am very thankful.
7.  i get why people with infants do playdates.  its takes a lot of effort to get out the door, but talking to other adults during the day is pretty awesome. 
8.  sooooo is anyone available for a playdate? like everyday?
9.  i fit into ONE pair of my stretchiest jeans.  big win, but i get scared that the button will pop or the ass will rip when i wear them in public.  its still worth it to get out of my leggings and running shorts. 
10.  already looking forward to zoe's 100 day celebration.  excited for more smiles and more sleep. 

can i just take a moment to talk about the show, parenthood???  i mentioned the show in a previous post and i said that the show deserved its own post, but i figured it could share the spotlight with this one.

like fnl, i caught onto parenthood after the show was over, but like fnl, i became completely obsessed with it.  jake and i both referred to the show regularly in our everyday conversation and we both agree that he IS zeke braverman, except that he is not a 70+ year old grandpa.  i love how the show depicts family in a real, but non cynical way, which makes it easy to watch, but not cheesy.  

during the entire series, there are a lot of references to how amazing and terrible it is to have daughters.  they're thoughtful, dramatic, have boyfriends...lots of boyfriends, and after what seems like a lifetime of crazy episodes, they become the most loving, strong, responsible women.  

hey zoe, we want you to be all those things.  the bad and good.  ok, honestly, not TOO bad, but yah. 

i can't wait to go through life with this kid. 

ok, for real.  playdate anyone???

tolerating the swing now! YASSS!!!

mornings w mama and papa

sleepover at our house w baby ellery


hanging out w cousin xander

STOKED that graham came to visit

me n zoe