Monday, January 19, 2015

It's a...


me & jake at around 1-2 yrs old. 
jake's amazing jewfro <3

happy MLK day!  glad to have the day off and sleep more.  actually i do this on all days.  its still good tho.

BIG NEWS for the zeitlin family...

jake and i were shocked and ecstatic to find out that we were having a baby, whom we ached and prayed for for many, many moons.  this week, we found out the sex of our baby and again, we were shocked and ecstatic about the news.  

we were shocked because we went to an imaging center at 12 weeks because we were SO curious and heard that technicians could tell us the sex as early as 12 weeks. we went and the tech told us a certain sex.  we were overjoyed.  not because it was one or another, but just to know what it was.  for the past 2 months we were calling the baby by a certain pronoun and having fun thinking of names etc.

come my 2nd trimester scan (dr said the baby looks perfectly healthy, thank you God!!) and the tech at kaiser tells us the opposite!!!  


this was followed by me asking her to check like 10 more times and then she called in another tech (i guess i looked THAT shocked).  that tech also confirmed the sex.  i laughed hysterically and then was on my merry way, in silence.  

it was such a weird feeling, not a bad one, just weird.  i had to reconfigure so many thoughts in my mind.  i think it took a day to process.  jake and i decided to go back to the imaging center to get his opinion and he, once again, confirmed that we are having a baby GIRL. he said this was only his 3rd time ever being incorrect from an early scan (same guy who told us we were having a boy at 12 weeks).  i've known plenty of people who have done early scans and all of their scans were correct, so i had no reason to doubt our 12 week scan.  

BUT with all that said, we are SO excited to have a baby girl!!!  UNREAL.  

can ya'll help us take care of her so she doesn't end up wearing short shorts from a&f and show cleavage before the age of 21 (or ever)? thanks in advance.  :)

babykrew 3/52 
20 weeks
girl is totally rocking out in there!
she's 10 inches already, such a trip.



  1. Sooo happy and excited for baby girl- to rock your smile and jakes curly hair!! 😘😘😘

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  3. Kids...they're always full of surprises!