Tuesday, March 17, 2015

(c)ankles etc.

28 weeks. less than 10 weeks until im full term. wow.
darra, the guardcat.  she loves hanging out next to the baby. bffs already.

our cable box is on the fritz, so jake and i have been binge watching parenthood on netflix.  so much drama. so much goodness. its like friday night lights, wholesome, but not THAT unrealistic.  a lot of people know my late blooming obsession with FNL, so comparing parenthood to FNL is big for me.  it is.  im sure our impending parenthood has a lot to do w our fascination of this show, but its good writing and really good acting.  and i love this show so, so much. jake said i say that i LOVE things too much. but i do love this show.  

now,  im watching an episode of GIRLS, polar opposite of parenthood.  jake hates this show, but i like it a lot. :)


its getting hot in here.  95 degrees over the weekend has gotten my hands, feet, ankles, and anything else that can swell up REALLY swollen.  i resolved to take off my rings, which i never do and am constantly measuring the thickness of my (c)ankles.  jake looks at me and tells me that i look awesome and then reminds me that i have a BABY growing inside my body.  when i first got pregnant, i promised myself that i would never, ever complain about pregnancy symptoms bc we've been waiting for this baby for so long.  w my first bout of nausea, i would think it was cool that my body was responding to the baby (and it was!!!).  but i've started to feel a bit uncomfortable w my giant belly and now giant everything else. 

i need to keep reminding myself that this, all of this, is a gift. 


in other baby news...babykrew kicks a lot. to a beat.  she's got rhythm.  she takes after me.  not.  haaaa

Monday, March 9, 2015


27 weeks 
always needing to prop my feet up
took all my rings off, fingers turning into sausages
babykrew as active as ever :)

wow.  life's been amazingly busy so i took a 2 week hiatus from writing.  but im back with more riveting material. haaaaa.


at week 27, im only one week shy of my third trimester.  that's got me thinking a lot about actually having the baby as opposed to just (well, not JUST, but you know what i mean) being pregnant.  in my last post i mentioned that i want to learn more about essential oils, but i haven't gotten too deep into that...yet.  i got my first doTerra blend (serenity), but i haven't used it yet because i kind of don't know how!  i think im going to buy a diffuser so i  can just turn it on at night before bed.

another thing i've been looking into is hypnobaby.  i would LIKE to try to go drug-free during labor, but as weeks go by, im getting more and more scared of it.  but if i can just hypnotize myself....ok, i don't think it works like that, but im gonna look into it a bit more.  BEFORE i was pregnant, i was super into the idea of a drug-free birth because i felt like for my first and possibly my only child, i want to experience everything.   i still feel that way, but i don't really want to put that much pressure on myself or be disappointed if i end up getting an epidural.  obviously, my main and only concern is to delivery our baby girl safely.  jake's a little cautious about my new found (semi) crunchiness, but he is supportive nonetheless.  he may opt for the drugs when i go into labor.

anyone use hypnobaby or anything like that???


as for krewcrew closet clean out, i've decided to create another Instagram account @krewcrew_closet, so ill be posting things periodically with all the details in the comments section.  if something strikes your fancy, leave your email address in the comments section or send me a private message through IG.

BRAND NEW, NEVER WORN via spiga loafers in a most AMAZING green color.
bought them in 2014, but never they never had their day (im gonna try not to do this in 2015).  
size 6.5  $50 

annnnnd the girls are BACK (oh and john and eunice too haha).  
these two taught me so much about love.  
i can't wait for babykrew to meet them.