Thursday, January 8, 2015


breakfast for the last week

Last summer, I started a gluten/soy/dairy/all-things-yummy free diet per my acupuncturist's request (err directive).  I started seeing her because I wanted to seek a more natural fertility journey (more on this in a later, way later, post), but the first thing she told me to do was to change my diet to more or less to shock my system and get rid of all the toxins, mainly GLUTEN.

At first, I allowed myself to cheat time to time, but I realized (and was told by the acuist) that if I wanted to "see results" then I would have to be 100%.  After about 2 weeks, I was getting used to the diet.  Was I happy? No.  But I have to admit, my body never felt better.  I always thought I had a weak stomach because I got stomachaches really often, but on this diet, I don't recall having an upset stomach.  Ever!  It was pretty amazing.  Then I actually did "see results" (ummm if you want my acuist's number, email me!!!).

I found out I was pregnant in September.  The emotions tied to this event deserve a post of its own, so I won't elaborate on this yet.

I continued my diet, semi-happily (because I never reached the point of "I don't crave bread anymore," I was always at "When I'm done with this diet, I'm gonna eat a WHOLE french loaf with a stick of butter.")  until about my 10th week of pregnancy.  I had started feeling sick at week 7 or so and couldn't really hold anything down.  People recommended the BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) diet, but bananas were out of the question (gag), was so sick of rice, forgot about the applesauce, and toast, well, gluten.

After week 10, I kept telling jake, ALL I WANT IS A PIECE OF TOAST AND JAM!!!  I think I yelled at jake a lot during this time.  oops.

From the photo of the scrumptious bagel up top, you can see that I started eating gluten again.  At 12 weeks, I caved and blamed the baby for wanting bread.  On Thanksgiving, I ate a Kings Hawaiian roll and it was all over.  I started getting bad stomachaches for the next week or so, but since then have somewhat subsided.  I know there are all of those articles on FB saying that non-celiac gluten sensitivity is complete bullshit, but I don't think thats true.  I truly think my body doesn't like gluten and I think once I have the baby, I'm going to try to eat a little less of it.  But for now...

last night's dinner.  best chicken pot pie EVER from the Bake 'n Broil in LB.

has anyone else tried a gluten free diet? how did it go?

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