Monday, September 14, 2015

tres leches, i mean, meses.

t-shirts from sweet threads in LB.
had to.
we're wearing these for zoe's 100 days celebration.  
AND taking photos in them. 
we are those people. i love being those people. 

wow.  its cooling down, only 81 degrees today.  holy shitballs, i know everyone has talked about the heat this summer, but dayam, it's been hot HOT.  zoe is a fireball (in more ways than one); jake said its her russian blood that makes her so hot all the time.  can someone out there confirm this theory?

zoe is 3 months old and almost 100 days old.

ten things:

1.  she's only been around for 3 months?  feels like i've known and loved her for so much longer.  the
2.  SHE ROLLED OVER.  she did it several times in one day, then once the next day, and now doesn't want to do it anymore.  she's over it already.  but she did it.
3.  i know (hope) this was just a random happening, but we didn't bathe her for one day and a tiny bug crawled out from under her neck.  this is not a lie.
4.  as y'all are probably aware of this by now... i love watching tv, esp in marathon mode.  i'm in the 3rd season of felicity now and its is really progressive for a late 90s show.  total nostalgia: it reminds me so much of high school and the dreaminess (at the time) of possibly living in NY and working at dean and deluca and wearing turtleneck sweaters and tube tops.
5.  jake and i went to a local kids boutique (sweet threads in LB) and almost bought out the whole store, ok, not really, but we WANTED to.  hahah  we ended up buying some hair accessories for zoezoe, matching-esque tshirts for the family (YES!!!!!!), and a rad bacon and eggs herschel lunch box.  and after many MANY amazon, target, and all other baby crap later, i still wanna buy more crap.  i'm in trouble.
6.  baby girl started really smiling a lot.  like really gummy amazing smiles with squeals too.  still waiting for her first giggle.  its gonna be magical.
7.    i tried to meet some mommies during story time at the library, but it was hard!!! i felt so out of place and awkward.  they're not as welcoming as i hoped, but i introduced myself to a couple of them so hopefully next time they won't ignore me when i pass by them awkwardly waving after story time is over.  this didn't happen to me.  yes it did.
8.  so i told myself that at 3 months, zoe was going to move out of our room into her own room.  i get anxiety thinking about her being soooooo far away from me.  was thinking about putting one of my nursing pads in her crib.  is that creepy/gross? heeeeee
9.  zoe is almost 100 days old.  i thought i wouldn't care about it at all, but i'm really proud of her for making it 100 days.  and im really proud of us for not...well, keeping her alive and well.  100 days seems like nothing in the grand scheme of things, but its the first celebration of many for our precious zoe, so i'm excited.
10.  jake and i have been together for 11 years now.  we always go out and celebrate still, even tho we have a wedding anni now, because its still a significant date to remember.  so, a lot of people ask how we met...we met through mutual friends.  at a bar.  when i was in college.  pre dating apps and websites.  just good 'ol picking up someone at a bar.  when i was legal...per someone else's ID :))))))
this year we celebrated on the couch watching house hunters: off the grid and watching zoe on the monitor.  it was romantic.  it actually wasn't, but in the midst of infant craziness and lots of sleep deprivation, we didn't forget about the day we met and i really value that.  next year, zoe will be w grandma and grandpa and we'll be in cancun or anywhere else. =D

even though i only get to write in here once a month (for) now, i plan to keep up this blog for as long as i can, so thanks for sticking w me!! xxoo

lots of photos from this past month :)

zoezoe asleep.  is this hat not the best???

one of jake's fave things to do

big girl


came home and found these two like this in the bedroom 


zoe and her best friend, gigi the dirty giraffe.  
jake made up that name and i told him that 
"gigi" meant "dirty" in korean, but we kept the name anyway

zoe's new headband to match her big head


baby got her first library card.  
we'll have to use another address once she stacks up library fees. :)


zoe was not amused

at her first wedding.
she was over taking photos