Monday, February 2, 2015

afternoon delight

bringing up bebe, espresso, and cereal.
perfectly appropriate afternoon pick-me-up.


time is passing by at warp speed.  the weather seems like its adjusted to spring temps and, more importantly, SCANDAL is back on (YAS!!).  can i just say, the first episode of the new season was magic. yes, magic.  some say this show is their guilty pleasure.  no, its pure pleasure.  no guilt.  none at all.


i started reading bringing up bebe and i have some thoughts.

-i don't believe that the french don't believe in discipline
-the french don't give their kids snacks??? only ONE midday snack.
-oh and french women barely ever indulge in a midday snack to show their kids that they can resist it when they get older too.  hmm.
-i would realllllly love a fresh baguette.
-i guess ill go to lee's sandwiches at some point tonight.

with all this said, i find this book really...interesting!  like how most french parents get their children to sleep through the night within 2 months.  im sure they'll answer a lot of my questions in later chapters, but can 2 month old infants survive without eating for 12 hours?!!!! although im reading this book with, to be honest, unwarranted, skepticism (bc ive obviously never had a child), im also really intrigued and fascinated by this style parenting.  its kind of bohemian/free spirited meets soup nazi.  completely paradoxical, but the book explains that french parents don't have a schedule for napping or sleeping, they believe that the children do this on their own, so no need to "sleep train,"like they "find themselves" at 2 months old, but on the flip side, NO SNACK FOR YOU.  i like this book.

more thoughts to come, as i continue to read.

belly getting pointy.  arms getting pointy as well.  
i love her so, so much.  

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  1. I'm snack crazy with my kids!! No matter what people say snacks and an iPad is a must for your own sanity. And again- it is a true fact that hour baby can sleep through the night that young. Fighting!!!!