Monday, June 1, 2015

oh hi, still pregnant.

17, 18, 19/52
not the most flattering photos, but hi, im 39 weeks pregnant. 
jake's old t-shirts are my new uniform.
darra, wondering when her new bff is coming out. 

to my baby girl, 

in case i forget to tell you every single day that i know you, i want you to know this.  your daddy and i have waited for you for what seemed like an eternity, but it wasn't.  it was 2.5 years of wanting, disappointment, growth, and finally a peace that was so overwhelming, i knew that you were coming soon.  in fact, as soon as i felt that peace, you were already inside my womb.  however, it is not that, in which i want you to know.  i want you to know that before me or your daddy ever knew you, God had already blessed us with each other so that one day, one day very soon, we will be able to love you more than we can ever imagine.  and we already love you so much, baby girl. we really do.  

im 39 weeks now.  every night, i think, "tonight's the night!"  i can't wait to meet babykrew, like i want to meet her so bad, i've started to dream about her and the whole laboring process.  but in thinking about our baby, i'm even more thankful for jake and what we've shared together for the past, almost, eleven years.  i think we're ready though.  bags are packed and spicy ramen is on the menu for tonight.   

is tonight the night?  


in the mean time, some photos of babykrew's new digs. 

crib from ikea, sheets from land of nod (i caved), indigo wall hanging from japan, 
photo of darra (duh), sleepy lamb from hannah eemo, 
and my old rainbow bright doll my mom kept for me.

shelf with all of the books from my baby shower.
can't wait to read the notes and books to babykrew.

lego! no!

a bed, in case my mom wants (is forced) to sleep over. heh heh