Monday, February 23, 2015

land of nod really affordable, but ridiculously good looking.

25 weeks
babykrew and my cat baby, darra ('s butt).
baby weighs 16 pounds already. heeeee

WHAT.  its already the last week of february? im barely getting used to writing "2015" on the whiteboard.  wow, but absolutely no complaints about that because in march my brother's family moves back from overseas (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), spring break (palm springs, here we come), and one month closer to meeting babykrew (eeep).


in my last post, i mentioned that jake's cousin, josh, shots some photos of us in his studio.  here are a few more from that shoot.

my personal fave. 

i wish i had asked jake to stick his head out more 
(my signature move) so my face doesn't look so big.
sign of the times tho, so i ain't mad at the round face. 

thought we would pay homage to some of the funnier maternity 
photos we've seen.  his face. so cute. so creepy.   


jake and i ventured into Land of Nod yesterday.  if you're trying to shop on a budget, which we kind of are, DO NOT GO INTO THIS STORE.  all things cute and well designed live here.  i wanted everything.  then i looked at the price tags and immediately started to think what can i eliminate in my life so buying this most amazing polar bear rocking horse thingy makes sense???  we didn't get the most amazing polar bear rocking horse thingy, but we did get this:

the cutest onesie for our CA girl. 

i mean, we couldn't leave w out buying something.  and plus, jake said, "i'm buying this for my girl." so how could i protest? :) 

***one last thing.  can anyone give me any insights on essential oils??? i bought my first doTerra blend (serenity).  i only know that these babies really work for some people.  alls i know is that the anxiety level at the zeitlin household has gone up (for various reasons) and i can't have a glass of wine, so im turning to oils.  ANY insights on essential oils are welcome!!!

Monday, February 16, 2015

maternity shots, photos, not tequila.

happy president's day!!!

YASSSS!!!! no school, slept in, did laundry, ate breakfast, and its only 9:30am!!!

i just started another semester teaching night classes at chapman uni and it has totally thrown off my coming home, laying down on the couch, eating jello pudding snacks (sugar free, duh) routine.   i actually have to come home, read, and prep for class.  ackkk.  but i love my chapman job.  there was one student who was totally aloof the first day, but by week two, he cracked a smile.  i won.


when jake and i went up north, his cousin, josh snapped some photos of us in his new studio in santa rosa.

before we really started trying to get pregnant i remember thinking maternity photos were SO weird and funny.  like the ones where the mama-to-be has her belly painted with a heart or butterfly.  after i got pregnant, i was still really apprehensive about taking photos that accentuated a bulging belly and newly formed cankles.  BUT then i went to the dr one day and saw and heard a heart beat of the tiny little life growing inside of me.  and then i started to pester jake about taking photos of my belly (like ALL THE TIME).  i totally get it.  you want to capture everything.  bc you, no, i, don't know know if this will ever happen again for me and even if it does, its still beyond amazing.  im not going to lie, i still chuckle at maternity photos when i come across some extra special ones, but i appreciate them.

so here's a polaroid that josh snapped for us.  you can't see the belly, but you can see us and i love that.

at Studio Space Santa Rosa

more to come soon!


so last week, i said that on "wednesday," i would post some madewell clogs.  that didn't happen.  but here they are now.  i wore them 2 times (if that).  i ended up getting other clogs and wore those a lot more.  i don't think i need more than one pair of clogs.  actually, i can, but i had to make a choice.  any takers?  $25 shipping included!!  if you're interested leave your email in the comment section or msg me through Instagram @krew_crew :)

size 7 (i'm a 6.5 / 7)
 super cute, perfect for summer, and very cloggy, in a good way.  

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

womb name(s)

giant redwood trees in sebastopol just after the rain
23 weeks
face and belly getting rounder
 babykrew is wild

this past weekend, jake and i went up north (petaluma, sebastopol, & santa rosa) to spend time with his family.  because of the storm, everything was so green and lush.  a type of green we don't really see in LA.  it was beautiful.  i can't wait to go back.


my students at school voted on babykrew's womb name.  they decided on zelda.  jake's cousin, devi, named her petunia; tuna, for short.  jake and i call her babygirl, but jake, 50% of the time, will say "if you really are a girl"  because of our baby's 20 week sex change.  even though im almost 6 months (whaaaa?!!!) pregnant, i still can't believe there's a tiny human growing inside of me.  so weird. so, so awesome.

weekend snapshots

jake's grandma chugging beer

jake and his sweet aunt jan 

me n angela (jake's bff's wife) only 6 weeks apart.  
jake and his bff are 6 weeks apart.  cool.

birthday dinner for my parents before we left.
they seem to get younger, while i get fatter. 


on wednesday, i'm going to post a pair of madewell clogs (that i've only worn about 5 times!!!) here and on instagram (@krew_crew).  stay tuned!

Monday, February 2, 2015

afternoon delight

bringing up bebe, espresso, and cereal.
perfectly appropriate afternoon pick-me-up.


time is passing by at warp speed.  the weather seems like its adjusted to spring temps and, more importantly, SCANDAL is back on (YAS!!).  can i just say, the first episode of the new season was magic. yes, magic.  some say this show is their guilty pleasure.  no, its pure pleasure.  no guilt.  none at all.


i started reading bringing up bebe and i have some thoughts.

-i don't believe that the french don't believe in discipline
-the french don't give their kids snacks??? only ONE midday snack.
-oh and french women barely ever indulge in a midday snack to show their kids that they can resist it when they get older too.  hmm.
-i would realllllly love a fresh baguette.
-i guess ill go to lee's sandwiches at some point tonight.

with all this said, i find this book really...interesting!  like how most french parents get their children to sleep through the night within 2 months.  im sure they'll answer a lot of my questions in later chapters, but can 2 month old infants survive without eating for 12 hours?!!!! although im reading this book with, to be honest, unwarranted, skepticism (bc ive obviously never had a child), im also really intrigued and fascinated by this style parenting.  its kind of bohemian/free spirited meets soup nazi.  completely paradoxical, but the book explains that french parents don't have a schedule for napping or sleeping, they believe that the children do this on their own, so no need to "sleep train,"like they "find themselves" at 2 months old, but on the flip side, NO SNACK FOR YOU.  i like this book.

more thoughts to come, as i continue to read.

belly getting pointy.  arms getting pointy as well.  
i love her so, so much.  

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