Tuesday, February 10, 2015

womb name(s)

giant redwood trees in sebastopol just after the rain
23 weeks
face and belly getting rounder
 babykrew is wild

this past weekend, jake and i went up north (petaluma, sebastopol, & santa rosa) to spend time with his family.  because of the storm, everything was so green and lush.  a type of green we don't really see in LA.  it was beautiful.  i can't wait to go back.


my students at school voted on babykrew's womb name.  they decided on zelda.  jake's cousin, devi, named her petunia; tuna, for short.  jake and i call her babygirl, but jake, 50% of the time, will say "if you really are a girl"  because of our baby's 20 week sex change.  even though im almost 6 months (whaaaa?!!!) pregnant, i still can't believe there's a tiny human growing inside of me.  so weird. so, so awesome.

weekend snapshots

jake's grandma chugging beer

jake and his sweet aunt jan 

me n angela (jake's bff's wife) only 6 weeks apart.  
jake and his bff are 6 weeks apart.  cool.

birthday dinner for my parents before we left.
they seem to get younger, while i get fatter. 


on wednesday, i'm going to post a pair of madewell clogs (that i've only worn about 5 times!!!) here and on instagram (@krew_crew).  stay tuned!


  1. Harriett and your parents really look so good!! I like baby Tuna :)

  2. Jake's grandma looks so elegant in her trench coat!

    Shall I call you tuna's mom...?

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