Monday, February 16, 2015

maternity shots, photos, not tequila.

happy president's day!!!

YASSSS!!!! no school, slept in, did laundry, ate breakfast, and its only 9:30am!!!

i just started another semester teaching night classes at chapman uni and it has totally thrown off my coming home, laying down on the couch, eating jello pudding snacks (sugar free, duh) routine.   i actually have to come home, read, and prep for class.  ackkk.  but i love my chapman job.  there was one student who was totally aloof the first day, but by week two, he cracked a smile.  i won.


when jake and i went up north, his cousin, josh snapped some photos of us in his new studio in santa rosa.

before we really started trying to get pregnant i remember thinking maternity photos were SO weird and funny.  like the ones where the mama-to-be has her belly painted with a heart or butterfly.  after i got pregnant, i was still really apprehensive about taking photos that accentuated a bulging belly and newly formed cankles.  BUT then i went to the dr one day and saw and heard a heart beat of the tiny little life growing inside of me.  and then i started to pester jake about taking photos of my belly (like ALL THE TIME).  i totally get it.  you want to capture everything.  bc you, no, i, don't know know if this will ever happen again for me and even if it does, its still beyond amazing.  im not going to lie, i still chuckle at maternity photos when i come across some extra special ones, but i appreciate them.

so here's a polaroid that josh snapped for us.  you can't see the belly, but you can see us and i love that.

at Studio Space Santa Rosa

more to come soon!


so last week, i said that on "wednesday," i would post some madewell clogs.  that didn't happen.  but here they are now.  i wore them 2 times (if that).  i ended up getting other clogs and wore those a lot more.  i don't think i need more than one pair of clogs.  actually, i can, but i had to make a choice.  any takers?  $25 shipping included!!  if you're interested leave your email in the comment section or msg me through Instagram @krew_crew :)

size 7 (i'm a 6.5 / 7)
 super cute, perfect for summer, and very cloggy, in a good way.  

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  1. I wanna see more photos from your photo session and you really must include Dara. I wish those clogs were my size!!