Monday, February 23, 2015

land of nod really affordable, but ridiculously good looking.

25 weeks
babykrew and my cat baby, darra ('s butt).
baby weighs 16 pounds already. heeeee

WHAT.  its already the last week of february? im barely getting used to writing "2015" on the whiteboard.  wow, but absolutely no complaints about that because in march my brother's family moves back from overseas (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), spring break (palm springs, here we come), and one month closer to meeting babykrew (eeep).


in my last post, i mentioned that jake's cousin, josh, shots some photos of us in his studio.  here are a few more from that shoot.

my personal fave. 

i wish i had asked jake to stick his head out more 
(my signature move) so my face doesn't look so big.
sign of the times tho, so i ain't mad at the round face. 

thought we would pay homage to some of the funnier maternity 
photos we've seen.  his face. so cute. so creepy.   


jake and i ventured into Land of Nod yesterday.  if you're trying to shop on a budget, which we kind of are, DO NOT GO INTO THIS STORE.  all things cute and well designed live here.  i wanted everything.  then i looked at the price tags and immediately started to think what can i eliminate in my life so buying this most amazing polar bear rocking horse thingy makes sense???  we didn't get the most amazing polar bear rocking horse thingy, but we did get this:

the cutest onesie for our CA girl. 

i mean, we couldn't leave w out buying something.  and plus, jake said, "i'm buying this for my girl." so how could i protest? :) 

***one last thing.  can anyone give me any insights on essential oils??? i bought my first doTerra blend (serenity).  i only know that these babies really work for some people.  alls i know is that the anxiety level at the zeitlin household has gone up (for various reasons) and i can't have a glass of wine, so im turning to oils.  ANY insights on essential oils are welcome!!!


  1. Oils... Take that class and make me something that will calm the Park nerves too. Love the maternity photos and I'm did you took them because you look good 😘😘

  2. your tummy is so small here.. sigh. can't wait to meet Zoe!!