Monday, March 9, 2015


27 weeks 
always needing to prop my feet up
took all my rings off, fingers turning into sausages
babykrew as active as ever :)

wow.  life's been amazingly busy so i took a 2 week hiatus from writing.  but im back with more riveting material. haaaaa.


at week 27, im only one week shy of my third trimester.  that's got me thinking a lot about actually having the baby as opposed to just (well, not JUST, but you know what i mean) being pregnant.  in my last post i mentioned that i want to learn more about essential oils, but i haven't gotten too deep into that...yet.  i got my first doTerra blend (serenity), but i haven't used it yet because i kind of don't know how!  i think im going to buy a diffuser so i  can just turn it on at night before bed.

another thing i've been looking into is hypnobaby.  i would LIKE to try to go drug-free during labor, but as weeks go by, im getting more and more scared of it.  but if i can just hypnotize myself....ok, i don't think it works like that, but im gonna look into it a bit more.  BEFORE i was pregnant, i was super into the idea of a drug-free birth because i felt like for my first and possibly my only child, i want to experience everything.   i still feel that way, but i don't really want to put that much pressure on myself or be disappointed if i end up getting an epidural.  obviously, my main and only concern is to delivery our baby girl safely.  jake's a little cautious about my new found (semi) crunchiness, but he is supportive nonetheless.  he may opt for the drugs when i go into labor.

anyone use hypnobaby or anything like that???


as for krewcrew closet clean out, i've decided to create another Instagram account @krewcrew_closet, so ill be posting things periodically with all the details in the comments section.  if something strikes your fancy, leave your email address in the comments section or send me a private message through IG.

BRAND NEW, NEVER WORN via spiga loafers in a most AMAZING green color.
bought them in 2014, but never they never had their day (im gonna try not to do this in 2015).  
size 6.5  $50 

annnnnd the girls are BACK (oh and john and eunice too haha).  
these two taught me so much about love.  
i can't wait for babykrew to meet them. 

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  1. hiii suzy! just wanted to stop and say halloo! btw i loved the photo with the pinup hairdo. ^^