Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Great Regression

zoe sitting up all by herself...for 20 secs. 
4 months and 1 week old 

my little zoezoe is already 4 months--well, actually, 4 months and 1 week now.  i used to wonder why parents always did that, counted months, week, and even days.  i get it now.  babies change SO much week to week (sometimes by day).  last week, she started to scoot on her belly as she pushed off of our hands.  THIS week, she can scoot backwards on her belly all by herself!  oh nbd, but actually it IS a big deal [to us] :)

ten things:

1.  so the 4 month sleep regression is real and i believe we are in the thick of it.  she has shorter sleep times and theres a period during the night where she wakes up and doesn't go back to sleep for a couple hours, once 3!!!  we are surviving.
2. under eye dark circles.  i hate you so much.  the ysl concealer is my best friend.  tho it does claim that its "8 hours of sleep" in a stick.  LIES. but its still my best friend.
3.  sleep regression AND teething? yes and yes.  poor baby is going through both at the same time.  even though jake and i have been doing our best to sleep train, its been really difficult to let zoe cry it out when we know she's actually in pain.  we started using Hyland's teething tablets and they seem to help.  teeth already????? didn't she just get here?
4.  we're going to hawaii this week and we're both super excited and terrified about traveling with zoe.  oh well, hawaiiiiii here we come!
5.  the initial guilt i had for letting zoe watch tv with me has gone away.  completely.  i just cover her eyes when a commercial for the real housewives of anywhere comes on. scaaaaary.
6.  i realized that after having zoe, jake and i say things in doubles when we're around her.  first with her name, zoezoe, and mama, dada, nightnight, but then we started calling darra, dardar.  soon we started calling her diaper, diapdiap.  does everyone do this?
7.  halloween is almost here!!! we went to target to buy some decos and of course, i wanted to get the  "cute scary" things and jake was opposed to that, but he eventually caved and let me get a halloween themed wreath, but he got a life-size skeleton thats hanging out in front.

when i was a kid, we had "holyween" at church where everyone would come dressed in costumes and got candy and played games, but didn't celebrate halloween.  even tho we totally did.  do churches still call it that?  i think pcc has some sort of celebration where kids come dressed up, but not sure what they call it.  our school calls the halloween parade, "fall parade" so all students can not celebrate  halloween together.  even tho they bring goody bags with jackolantern designs filled with candy for their classmates.  halloween is an interesting cultural holiday.

the past couple years jake and i stayed home (where the hell would we go anyway :)) and gave out candy and had so much fun seeing the different costumes kids came in.  some kids, like middle school age, came around twice and i called them on it.  oops.  i did it with a smile obvi.

one last story about halloween.  when jake and i were first dating, about a month in, his friend invited my girlfriends and i to a "mansion party on rodeo."  so of course we obliged, who wouldn't?? a party on rodeo?? yes, please.  so we all dressed in tastefully slutty costumes and went to meet jake and his friends.  we're on our way to this mansion and we all realized that were traveling in the opposite direction of beverly hills...even jake was confused.  we get to this janky house in the hood in our now questionable costumes and realize that this "mansion party on rodeo" was actually a ghetto house party on RODEO (like "yeehaw") in inglewood.  YAS!!!  awwwwwww that was 11 years ago.

8.  im nearly done with felicity on hulu.  damn, that show is good.
9.  our house is slowly turning into zoe's house and im cool with that, but this has resulted in jake and i being on a furniture buying craze.  we realized that our house isn't that baby friendly and since zoe looks like shes gonna be crawling soon, we're going to have to say adieu to a few pieces of furniture for a while. like our bertoias that we love, laterzzzz and our eames loungers with sharp metal feet, sorrrrrrry.  so we just HAD to buy two new leather arm chairs. heeeee photos will be posted on insta.
10.  postpartum hair loss! anyone up for giving me a good weave?

looking forward to month 5 w my zoezoe :)

some photos from the past month***

me n zoe


jake n the girls


at pa's pumpkin patch

at her 4 month appt

zoe and my granny

rare smile sighting in the car

licking and biting everything in sight

she may or may not be watching kathy lee and hoda on today



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  1. I love this blog so so much. I wish everyone could read it's so good!! (Unbiased, I swear). I knew you would need new furniture. Don't spend too much bc potty training come rather quickly and it always happens on those couches. Love the photo of Zoe holding your lip! Happy 4 months one week and a day ZOE!! Eemo loves you!