Wednesday, May 20, 2015

home stretch [marks]

37 weeks
babykrew's new ride. uppababy cruz
little snippet of our new house.
face, belly, ass: all so, so round

still waiting for them.

but i'm sure they're on their way.

stretch marks.

i heard that they are genetic and i know my mom has a bunch from pregnancy and i have a few from adolescent growth spurts and not-so-adolescent chilly cheese fries, grilled cheese every night in college type stretch marks too (technically, those were "growth spurts" too, horizontal growth spurts).  but so far, i haven't gotten any new ones from pregnancy.  my tummy is feeling tighter than ever and i heard that a lot of women get stretch marks when they're full term, which I AM (what?!!!!!!!!!!!).  if i end up not getting them then, YAS! and if i do, its OK.  :)

jake and i are pretty much settled into our new place.  the reno is completely done, the boxes are almost gone, and (some) art is up.  feels like home.  surprised at how quickly that feeling came, but its probably because we unpacked faster and settled in so that we can be ready for babykrew.  even darra feels at home.  she threw up on the rug, just as she always did.  -.-
SO much hardwood all around, but somehow, she (almost) always pukes on the rug.  she's still the best.

i'm 37 weeks! i feel ready and nervous, but mostly really excited to meet our little girl.  putting the nursery together and actually having all sorts of baby contraptions around the house feels really...right.


  1. Congrats Krew crew!! Couldn't have pictured you guys in a more perfect home. Soon to come... Baby proofing 😶 😘😘 can't wait to meet my little baby niece!!!

  2. Hahhaaa i love your blog so much because you talk exactly like this in person xx