Friday, April 24, 2015


that penmanship tho!

this past weekend was my baby shower that was hosted by my girlfriends (girlfriends are everything).  they knew that i wasn't really into shower games (mainly bc im really competitive and i don't want to WIN all the games at my own shower heeeeee), but we played 2 and they were amazing.  the first one was combining jake's and my faces together to create a potential image of babykrew.  this was both entertaining and really creepy.  the second game we played was called, "sex or labor."  10 faces were held up and guests had to determine if the facial expression was one of labor or one of sex.  i loved that my mom had the best time with this one.  my (non-english speaking) grandma kept asking my mom what kind of game it was and my mom just cracked up and told her she'd explain later.  i hope she did not.  actually, i hope she did.


how did i get to be 33 weeks already.

a year ago, actually, more like 37 weeks ago, i was lying in bed, devastated, yet not surprised by another failed month of conceiving a baby.  as i was driving to my baby shower, i unearthed some of those memories, which seem so distant now, but really aren't at all.  i haven't had a lot of hormonal crying-for-no-reason type episodes during my pregnancy (except while watching Parenthood.  that series alone deserves its own post), but my when i arrived at the shower, i was really overwhelmed and wanted to break down and cry, but i held it in for several reasons, one of which was the fact that i had 3 coats of mascara on and didn't want to look like a freak in all of the photos.  i failed to keep it bottled in the whole time though, i cried a little at the end and then i cried a lot more when i got home and read through all of the cards and letters to babykrew.  i want to properly say thank you to those who came to the shower and those who have been so supportive and kind to me (us) throughout this whole journey, but i don't think i can accurately describe my feelings of gratitude in words, song, or even interpretive dance.

jake and i (and babykrew, too!) are beyond blessed and we love you all so, so much.  

book themed. cake by sweetleemade

my granny and mama

the kims

the zeitlin (and one katz) clan

my family

33 weeks!

the cutest baby hat anyone ever did see

having too much fun

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